January 2023


Milan, 10th January 2023 – Through the fashion photography that echoing the language of cinematography, the Spring/Summer 2023 campaign represents the quintessence of Prada. Photographed by David Sims, these images draw upon the characteristics of classic Hollywood and European movies - their images are frames within divergent stories, glimpses of an unseen narrative and an unknown script, a tension again between different views, of different lives. The notion of Prada characters peoples the campaign with an ensemble cast of faces with immediate resonance and international renown: the actors Vincent Cassel, Jaehyun Jeong, Louis Partridge, Hunter Schafer, Letitia Wright, alongside the models Guinevere van Seenus and Rachel Williams.
Actors and models by their very nature encapsulate an otherness - the campaign plays off that multifaceted nature, where a plurality adds a complexity. Alongside, crude contradicts - it implies a simplicity, a directness and purity. Its touch is here in stark sets, like cinematic projections of realities - evocations of interiors, impressions of actuality, traces of lives.

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Spring/Summer 2023 Prada campaign

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