Prada Group and Bonadonna Foundation
Working together on an innovative cancer treatment and research project
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Since 2018, the Prada Group supports the project to foster cancer treatment research that was launched by the Gianni Bonadonna Foundation.

The initiative, for which the Prada Group is a Supporting Partner, aims to continue the legacy of the great oncologist after whom the foundation is named. Bonadonna was responsible for innovation in all aspects of cancer research and treatment, leading to substantial progress and tangible clinical results in cancer care.


The project, launched for the first time the 11th October 2018 at the headquarter of Fondazione Prada, includes:

- supporting multidisciplinary teams of doctors and researchers dedicated to studying and developing new treatments for cancer patients, also involving industry and public and private investors;

- fellowship programme for young oncologists in partnership with universities across the world, hospitals and leading research centres, providing an effective way to expand the exchange of scientific ideas.


On April 21st, 2021, Fondazione Gianni Bonadonna - with Prada Group as Supporting Partner - and Fondazione AIRC announced the call for applications for the international fellowships in honor of Gianni Bonadonna.

The fellowships intended to finance a period of study abroad, are reserved for physicians enrolled in the last two years of graduate programs specializing in medical oncology or hematology, and for neo-specialists within two years of receiving their degree.

«Prada has always been interested in supporting culture, research and education of new generations. When Luca Gianni became President of Fondazione Gianni Bonadonna and proposed us to support it, we immediately said yes because of the importance of Gianni Bonadonna himself and because of the kind of activities and projects they wanted to develop. Today, this fellowship is another step of our commitment to the Fondazione and AIRC.»

Miuccia Prada

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Gianni Bonadonna was born in Milan in 1934. After its Medical and Surgery degree, obtained in 1959 at the University of Milan, he had continued his studies in the United States from 1961 to 1964. After these years he had started to work at the National Cancer Institute of Milan. He was a medicine pioneer thanks to its Hodgkin's disease cure, its innovative therapies against cancer and always put first the care and respect for the patients.

«I think that supporting those who give their life to research and treatment of cancer, the disease of our time, is something we owe to the society, to ensure that the success of treatments continue to improve, not only for the present day, but also, and most importantly, for future generations. In addition, this also provides an opportunity to increase my involvement in exploring the role of science in contemporary society in a interdisciplinary context.»

Miuccia Prada

«The foundation wants to honour a giant of medicine, who changed the way we perceive and tackle various cancers, and created tools that allow us to treat many of them and cure some. Gianni Bonadonna, a highly cultured visionary with endless curiosity, was also always a practical and down-to-earth man. The best tribute to him is to practice what he preached: to embrace innovation and to trust and support young talent. Thanks to the Prada Group, the foundation we named after him can now set about doing just that.»

Luca Gianni, president of the Fondazione Gianni Bonadonna