Silvano Montecchiarini, Giuliano Procaccini, Sandro Procaccini


Since 1997 the Prada Group has been collaborating with Promo spa, a company specialized in the creation of complex architectural structures consisting of metal structure work, aluminum and glass facades, window frames and coatings.

“The company was established 40 years ago in Corridonia, set in the hills of the Marche region. We have started as a small craftsman’s business and, thanks to high-profile relations, such as our partnership with the Prada Group, we are currently counting about 50 employees, including a team of architects, engineers and specialized workers engaged in an on-going dialogue.

Over the years, our relationship with Prada has consolidated through increasingly complex projects, in which a purely executive support was no longer sufficient, and required an accurate progressive and detailed development, while facing the challenging planning in an incessant quest for perfection.

We are committed to deliver bespoke architectures that respond to the requests of our customers. A tailored operation that combines technical competence and creativity to identify new solutions and translate ideas into action.

Valvigna industrial complex was undoubtedly our most important collaboration. During the 6-year project, we have developed ‘tailored’ technical solutions, created customized products, sampling and, at times, performed several changes even after the completion of final structures in an endless tailoring process.

I recall architect Guido Canali’s facial expression when he asked us to completely rethink the glass structure of the main entrance. He was not entirely satisfied with our initial delivery. We had to find a new structural solution that gave the impression of floating on the underneath water surface. Prada agreed; everything had to be perfect.

The completion of the expansion of the Montevarchi factory canteen was another moment of great satisfaction, carried out in record time during its summer closure.

The Prada Group and Promo share a passion for challenges as we take on apparently impossible projects.”


Corridonia, 6 October 2017