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May 23, 2024

New York, Milan, May 23rd, 2024 - On May 22nd, Prada Group marked the International Day for Biological Diversity with a special Prada Possible Conversation at the Broadway Epicenter dedicated to SEA BEYOND, an educational program conducted since 2019 by Prada Group in partnership with UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) to raise awareness for sustainability and ocean preservation.

The discussion featured Emmy-nominated photographer and Climate Artist Enzo Barracco in conversation with Francesca Santoro, UNESCO-IOC Senior Program Officer and Meghan Marrero, NMEA (National Marine Educators Association) Blue Schools Committee Chair.

Prada Possible Conversation is a series of talks hosted at Prada Epicenters between thinkers, cultural arbiters, scientists, and fashion figures from across the world. The talks reflect the plurality and layered passions of the Prada universe. The night was an occasion to discuss the urgency of ocean preservation and environmental stewardship, aimed to inspire audiences to contribute to what is an essential global effort.

Francesca Santoro, UNESCO-IOC Senior Program Officer, said “We are at a critical moment, and we urgently need to take action. Our behavior as human beings needs to move towards a more sustainable path. Education and awareness raising are key in this endeavor and can take different forms: the lens of a camera that captures the beauty and fragility of landscapes and species at risk - threatened by the warming of the ocean, a direct consequence of the climate change - is one of these. Photographers are strong allies as, through their art, they can inspire everyone to contribute to this collective effort.

Enzo Barracco, Emmy-nominated photographer and Climate Artist, declared: “I believe everyone has a duty to do something for our planet within their own capacity and skill. I do it through photography because photography doesn’t need translation.

Meghan Marrero, NMEA Blue Schools Committee Chair, said: “Enhancing marine education is integral to the health of our global ocean. Today’s students are tomorrow’s decision makers. We must help these learners build their connection to the ocean and become water stewards to ensure a sustainable ocean future.”

Concurrent with this critical conversation, a selection of images by Enzo Barracco, taken from his books “The Noise of Ice: Antarctica” and “The Skin of Rock Galápagos”, were exhibited.

To further reinforce its commitment to support education and ocean conservation, Prada Group granted a donation to NMEA, an organization whose goal to advance the understanding and protection of marine ecosystems aligns with the SEA BEYOND project. With these funds, 16 schools in the Tristate area will be transformed into “Blue Schools”, institutes that infuse ocean literacy and learning into their curricula and engage students in action projects with the goal of developing and supporting the next generation of stewards for our one ocean. After the exhibition, the photographs will be gifted to the schools, which in September begin their path to become Blue Schools.

Enzo Barracco was named SEA BEYONDer amongst other prominent personalities for his proven commitment to ocean preservation. These are influential leaders who help Prada Group and UNESCO-IOC spread the SEA BEYOND message.

The next step of the collaboration between Enzo Barracco and SEA BEYOND will take shape with a second photographic exhibition, scheduled for early December, 2024 at the Prada Aoyama Epicenter in Tokyo. Barracco will also be launching his latest book on Hawaii’s biodiversity at the event, supported by the project.

The exhibition at the Prada Broadway Epicenter was designed by the New York-based design studio 2x4, a long-time Prada collaborator. The photographs will be on display in store through May 27th, 2024.


Conducted in partnership with UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) to raise awareness of sustainability and ocean preservation, SEA BEYOND is an educational program supported by Prada Group since 2019. The project has contributed to the progress of ocean education on a global scale, through a series of training initiatives dedicated to younger generations. Since its debut, and over the course of three editions, the educational module has reached and spread ocean literacy principles to more than 35,000 secondary students from all around the world. Moreover, the “Kindergarten of the Lagoon” project – outdoor education activities in Venice for children in pre-school – was launched in 2021 with the aim of creating a link between kids and the lagoon ecosystem. While the main focus remains education, in 2023 SEA BEYOND extended its scope beyond education with two new areas of focus: support for scientific research dissemination and humanitarian projects, both dedicated to the ocean. As of July 2023, 1% of the proceeds from the Prada Re-Nylon Collection supports SEA BEYOND. As of today the following projects have been implemented:

  • Dissemination of the scientific discovery of black coral in the waters of the Egadi Islands (Italy) by Giovanni Chimienti, marine biologist and National Geographic Explorer; 
  • A partnership with Bibliothèques Sans Frontières aimed at facilitating access to ocean education for children and young citizens in vulnerable communities through the Ideas Box, a mobile multimedia centre of over 100 square meters including internet connection, tablets, laptops and over 250 books and games, as well as hundreds of training materials.

Within the framework of SEA BEYOND, Prada Group also trained its more than 14,000 employees worldwide on ocean literacy principles, via VR learning contents and the AWorld app, the official platform selected by the United Nations to live more sustainably.

About Prada Group

Prada Group is socially engaged to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities and stimulate the cultural debate in all its forms of expression. The Group partners with recognized players and international entities to develop educational and training programs, value talent, support scientific research, foster women’s empowerment, and promote local culture and artistic heritage. Prada Group operates in the luxury sector through the Prada, Miu Miu, Church’s, Car Shoe, Marchesi 1824, and Luna Rossa brands.


The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (UNESCO-IOC) promotes international cooperation in marine sciences to improve management of the ocean, coasts and marine resources. The IOC enables its 150 Member States to work together by coordinating programmes in capacity development, ocean observations and services, ocean science, tsunami warning and ocean literacy. The work of the IOC contributes to the mission of UNESCO to promote the advancement of science and its applications to develop knowledge and capacity, key to economic and social progress, the basis of peace and sustainable development. The UNESCO IOC is the entity in charge of coordinating the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030 (The Ocean Decade).


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