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March 12, 2024



Gita is in training. But, for what? She left China. Tragedy befell someone she knew, and now she’s in Malaysia, surrounded by a sisterhood who are teaching her how to fight. “I wanted a break,” Gita confesses, “I wanted a pause.” Gita seems haunted by her past. Her powerful pain culminates in an unrestrainable fight, where no man — no matter how strong or skilled — can defeat her screaming rage.

I AM THE BEAUTY OF YOUR BEAUTY, I AM THE FEAR OF YOUR FEAR, directed by Chui Mui Tan, is the 27th commission from Miu Miu Women’s Tales. The acclaimed short-film series invites today’s most profound and original female directors to investigate vanity and femininity in the 21st century.

Chui Mui Tan (b.1978) is a Malaysian director and film-producer. Born in Sungai Ular, a small fishing village in Kuantan, Malaysia, Chui Mui made her debut feature in 2006, with Love Conquers All, which won numerous prizes at film festivals across the world. Her 2021 feature, Barbarian Invasion, a meditation on motherhood and identity, was nominated for Best Picture at the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival Global Earl Awards. And in 2022, Chui Mui’s project, Just Because You Pressed the Shutter? won the 2022 Jimei x Arles Discovery Award.

A girl from China who comes to Malaysia to search for herself” is how Chui Mui Tan describes her new film for Miu Miu, “but the search can only be inwards.” At one point, we see Gita spend time with an Indian flower seller, where she’s taught about the ancient myth of Kali, goddess of time, destruction, death and change. “Through wrestling with what we fear the most,” Chui Mui Tan explains, “we find our inner strength, and we find our own beauty.”

In I Am the Beauty of Your Beauty, I Am the Fear of Your Fear, Chui Mui explores the many meanings of “self-defense,” for a woman in the modern world plagued by eternal struggles. Through friendship and support, Gita builds up her physical — and spiritual — power. Can she release her emotional burdens? And, in its place, will she discover an unknown strength that may well be thousands of years old?

Chui Mui Tan’s new episode for Women’s Tales will be premiered at Yongfu C52 in Shanghai on March 12th, 2024. The short is available afterwards on Miu Miu digital channels and on MUBI globally.

About Miu Miu Women’s Tales

Miu Miu Women’s Tales is an ongoing series of unique, short films, commissioned by Miu Miu, and directed by today’s most distinctive female filmmakers. They invent beautiful, strange worlds inhabited by women’s idiosyncratic imaginations.

Starting from 2011 twenty-seven cinematic universes have been created so far. All share these timeless questions: How do women appear to themselves? How do they appear to each other? Isn’t appearance also a political and intellectual issue, one that can’t easily be divorced from sensuality and pleasure? How should a woman be today? Miu Miu has asked filmmakers to investigate femininity and vanity in the 21st century with a critical eye. This means embracing the timeless complexities and contradictions to make women think — and feel. Across the film series, Miu Miu collections have become a cast of characters in their own right, playing alongside noted actresses and models.

The Miu Miu clothes counterpoint the narrative drama. Power, desire. Vanity, embellishment. Rituals, laws. Dreams, nightmares. Even the smallest moment from a woman’s daily life contains multitudes. Women’s Tales storify these moments and the enriching role played by clothes.