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Good manufacturing practices - Guidelines on the use of chemicals in the fashion manufacturing supply chain

April 28, 2021

28/04/2021 - CAMERA NAZIONALE DELLA MODA ITALIANA – CNMI gives a new boost to its long-term commitment towards a sustainable transformation and evolution of the fashion supply chain with the release of the “GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES - GUIDE LINES ON THE USE OF CHEMICALS IN THE FASHION MANUFACTURING SUPPLY CHAIN”.

These new Guidelines, which follow the release of others focused on the use of chemicals in the products and across the manufacturing processes, aim to support fashion companies in the implementation of criteria and auditing procedures enabling to manufacture high-quality products, meeting the most advanced sustainability requirements.

In order to manufacture an item with complete respect of highest environmental and social standards, being aware of the parameters of chemicals and chemical mixtures to be used in the manufacturing process is not enough. It’s also necessary, across the whole supply chain, to follow good manufacturing practices minimizing environmental and social risks.

For these reasons, a particular attention is dedicated to the manufacturing phase, both considering its creative and technical factors influencing the overall energy and resource consumptions, and the actual production activities determining a product’s quality and durability.

Aware of its pioneering vision, which was formalized in 2012 with the release of the CNMI Sustainability Manifesto, that was instrumental for the definition of an Italian approach towards sustainability in the fashion system, today CNMI presents a unique document for the industry under the patronage of the Ministry for Ecological Transformation.

A result of the effort of CNMI’s Chemicals Commission, which includes the representatives of some of the most prestigious Italian companies, such as GIORGIO ARMANI, GUCCI, PRADA, VALENTINO and VERSACE, the release of “Good manufacturing practices - Guidelines on the use of chemicals in the fashion manufacturing supply chain” has been possible thanks to the collaboration with HEALTH AND TEXTILE ASSOCIATION, SMI-SISTEMA MODA ITALIA, FEDERCHIMICA, UNIC-ITALIAN TANNERIES and QUANTIS ITALY, as well as thanks to the support of YKK ITALIA S.P.A . and CIMAC – CENTRO ITALIANO MATERIALI DI APPLICAZIONE CALZATURIERA.

The document ends with some remarks on circular economy, a theme that CNMI is going to explore through the creation of a dedicated workgroup.


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