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Prada Group announces appointment of Chris Bugg as Group Communication Director

July 16, 2020

Milan, July 16th 2020 – The Prada Group announces Christopher Bugg has been appointed as Group Communication Director from July 2020.

In his role, Chris oversees Prada Group’s communications strategy and communications across its brands. Chris’s extensive experience in delivering communications strategies at global fashion houses will play an important role in accelerating Prada Group’s digital transformation. Chris reports to Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group Head of Marketing.

Chris joined the Prada Group in January 2020 as Prada Marketing and Communication Director for Asia. Before, he was in Paris where he was the Global Digital Communication Director at Louis Vuitton. Prior to Louis Vuitton, Chris was based in New York where he most recently covered the role of Global Vice President of Digital Marketing for Calvin Klein. Chris has a BA in Marketing and Digital Communications attending the University of Evansville (USA) and the University of Cape Town (South Africa).


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