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April 14, 2020

Prada debuts a series of digital talks exploring culture, fashion and life via Instagram

Milan, April 10, 2020 - Fashion exists as an essential part of a wider cultural conversation: it is a participant in a dialogue, between different beliefs, disciplines and mediums.

At this moment, in a current landscape being fundamentally re-shaped by limitation, it is essential not to allow that limitation to define discussion. We need to be open, free, and connected. With that mindset, Prada debuts Prada Possible Conversations, a series of live dialogues between thinkers, cultural arbiters and fashion figures across the world - bringing together individuals, bringing together thoughts.

A digital iteration and evolution of Prada’s international live event programmes, speakers are connected together on Prada’s Instagram to engage in real-time conversations - conversations between people, but also between places, mindsets and values, in discussion that promise to be enlightening, engaging, perhaps revelatory.

Practitioners, experts, auteurs and creatives are drawn from five key and intersecting spheres of culture, comprising fashion, art, architecture, cinema and thought, the latter covering wide remit from philosophy and psychology to literature. Empathetic to these specific times, they offer the audience both an escape, and an address - exploring how culture has been impacted by shifting times and, perhaps, evaluating the impact of the moment in which we live.

The first Prada Possible Conversation will take place live on 14 April 2020 at 6pm CET, between Pamela Golbin, author, curator and Artistic Director of Jacquard x Google Arts & Culture Residency, and Alexander Fury, fashion features director of AnOther Magazine and Men’s Critic of the Financial Times. Discussing the topic ‘Fashion in Times of Crises’, their dialogue will be broadcast via Prada’s Instagram.

True conversations involve many: each Prada Possible Conversation will allow the audience to pose questions to the participants, therefore becoming a wider discussion, connecting ever more diverse groups and people together.

Each Prada Possible Conversation will also result in a donation from Prada to UNESCO, whose work during the COVID-19 pandemic focuses on the importance of culture, creativity, and education for over 1.5 billion students worldwide affected by school and university closure, as well as on a programme to increase international cooperation in science. Supporting their initiatives across the globe, this is a further demonstration of the vital exchange between fashion and society.

Echoing a belief in fashion’s inherent dialectical nature - the push and pull of inspiration from the realms of art and architecture, music, cinema and more - Prada Possible Conversations reflect the plurality and layered meaning of the Prada universe.


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