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April 11, 2019

As part of FuoriSalone 2019, during Milan Design Week (April 9-14) Miu Miu unveils a special limited-edition furniture project, created in collaboration with M/M (PARIS).

The MIU MIU M/MATCHING COLORSTOOL is inspired by the decor of the Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2018 show, and pushes furniture into the realm of customization, personalization and play.

The MIU MIU M/MATCHING COLORSTOOL is a canvas for expression and a vehicle for surprise. Made of linden wood, the three-legged stool is punctured with systematically distributed perforations, where 300 oversized ‘match-sticks’ in 12 different colors come into play.
The stool is like a board-game, or a logic puzzle to be solved: here you play against yourself, discovering the distinct logic of your own decisions. Two pieces will never be the same.

Reflecting the playful attitude intrinsic to Miu Miu, the MIU MIU M/MATCHING COLORSTOOL makes its debut on the stage of the Teatro Gerolamo; a Milanese cultural landmark known as the ‘Piccola Scala’.

Originally a theatre for children, the Teatro Gerolamo staged marionette for the youth of Milan, the first in Europe to do so. Today, it becomes the platform to launch the MIU MIU M/MATCHING COLORSTOOL: a domestic object that can transform, much like the building where it is presented.

Stools line the perimeter of the space, as if for a theatre performance or fashion runway show, yet the subject of display emerges as a dramatic assemblage stacked high.
Although initially appearing to be in storage, the color-dotted surfaces of the stools reveal an installation piece at work. This performance takes place in front of unfurled patchwork banners that bear cubist hieroglyphs, comprising the letters of their title.

The display of the MIU MIU M/MATCHING COLORSTOOL finds its very own reflection in the windows of the Miu Miu flagship on via Sant’Andrea, Milan. It will be sold in bespoke packaging and produced in a limited edition of 300.

The MIU MIU M/MATCHING COLORSTOOL by M/M (Paris) is presented exclusively at Miu Miu via Sant’Andrea and at the Teatro Gerolamo, Milan.


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