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Marchesi 1824 presents the CARE’s Social Responsibility Award to La lanterna di Diogene in Solara di Bomporto, Modena.

April 1, 2019

Marchesi 1824 renews its support for CARE’s – The ethical Chef Days (Brunico, 28–31 March 2019) for the fourth year, presenting the Social Responsibility Award to La lanterna di Diogene, an Italian social cooperative based in Solara di Bomporto, in the province of Modena.

This award is part of the activities supported by Marchesi 1824 since the first edition of CARE’s. Marchesi 1824 shares the same principles of sustainability, protection of the land and environmental preservation promoted by this initiative and put into practice by this year’s winner project.

La lanterna di Diogene was born from the desire to give people who have grown up with a critical medical condition the dream of a satisfying job. The social cooperative aims to provide those who aspire to enter the world of work with an opportunity to do a job that is satisfying and alongside people with whom they get on well: specifically, a job in touch with nature, land and animals. In 2006, all this was transformed into a typical restaurant that serves its guests local products from the Emilian cuisine that have been cultivated on site or come from nearby areas. Even in its simplicity, their cuisine pays great attention to sustainability and environmental care. It is an ongoing project that follows its chef and restaurant representative Giovanni Cuocci’s idea, which suggests that every human resource has major potential that can be further developed and fostered.

Through the CARE’s Social Responsibility Award, Marchesi 1824 wants to support the projects of those who are engaged in activities that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to social responsibility and ethics in the fields of sustainable agriculture, preservation of traditional farming and production techniques as well as agri-food research.


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