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February 1, 2019


Instead of one, many. In place of a single women’s campaign film, for Spring/Summer 2019, Prada 365 presents a multifaceted moving image identity, five individual shorts exploring and expounding the concept behind the Prada womenswear show, yet reframed and re-envisaged through the lens of cinema.

All fashion models are actresses, to a degree - becoming personifications of the different attitudes of the clothes they inhabit. Here, the notion is pushed to a further eventuality: each model becomes a definitive character, designed for the filmic short in which she debuts and inspired by the Spring/Summer 2019 Prada collection. A diverse selection of international models are our heroines, the cross-cultural casting corresponding to feminine monikers drawn from a Prada handbag. Freja Beha Erichsen appears as Sybille, Gigi Hadid as Sidonie, Maike Inga as Margit, Liu Wen as Odette, Anok Yai as Belle - all are identifiable as models yet adopting another identity, inventing another world.

These films are double reflections - of the Prada Spring/Summer 2019 show, but also of iconic movies spanning the last half-century. Each of the five individual films consciously reflects a classic genre - horror, suspense, thriller, romance - reimagining their scripts with Prada’s handwriting.

An expansion of the plural visual narratives for digital and print proposed by Prada 365, these films are directly referenced in print imagery - created to mirror motion picture posters - offering stylistic previews of these compelling movie shorts. Directed by Willy Vanderperre, alongside cinematography by Benoît Debie and scores by Frédéric Sanchez, these films represent an elemental duality, a notion of multiplicity at the heart of the id of Prada and a dichotomy central to the Spring/Summer 2019 show.

Each woman, however, is unique, singular - an individual heroine, a different face, a new facet of Prada and different side to Prada 365.


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