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February 1, 2019


The power of women as a collective, as a group - camaraderie, solidarity, sisterhood. The Spring/Summer 2019 Miu Miu campaign film is an exploration of these codes of femininity, of the female collective, both forceful as individuals and strong in numbers. They are a force to be reckoned with.

The film focusses on a postmodern girl-gang, led by actress and musician Juliette Lewis, and featuring actresses, dancers and models Zazie Beetz, Maya Hawke, Du Juan, Sasha Kynsh, Lola Leon, Anna Rubin, Hannah Shakespeare and Kay Smesters. Saturated, unreal colours flare like neons as the women stride confidently through the nighttime streets of Brooklyn.

A scene cut from a larger narrative - of a bigger movie, perhaps, or a vignette of life - this film is intentionally abstract, intriguing. Its climax marks not an end, but a beginning - a start of a new evening, a new adventure. Situated in a barber shop, a traditionally male sphere that becomes inherently female, the Miu Miu girls reinvent their styles and, therefore, themselves, enacting their freedom to recreate their own characters. Here, fashion is a form of self-determination - this tribe is united, yet each is unique.

The cutting of hair can symbolise many things: it weakened Samson, it strengthened the Flappers who singled their hair short in the 1920s to emblematise liberty. Here, literal cutting and the mimetic scissor gestures represent a cut with the past - progress, evolution. A new season, and a new sense of self.


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