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October 1, 2018

Raised Consciousness

A dream of reality, a new perspective for Prada 365. The latest Prada campaign explores the Resort 2019 season, capturing it in a striking, chromatic setting of refracted and pure colour. These images are both forward-thinking and backwards-glancing, retro and futuristic. The backdrop is a total environment for the women’s and men’s collections, intrinsically interconnected, that evoke a stylistic conversation between opposites.

A new breed of elegance, a fresh take, youth in ideology. For Willy Vanderperre’s lens a diverse cast of male and female faces - Freja Beha Erichsen, Sora Choi, Daan Duez, Maaike Inga Felderhoff, Tae Min Park, Julia Nobis, Lineisy Montero, David Van Brusselt, Mats Vandenbosch Van Mil and Anok Yai - stare out from the iridescent, multihued environs. Their proportions are toyed with by the camera, their forms lengthened and warped, transformed into graphic devices against a shimmering wall of pure, saturated colour. Amidst this unreal dreamscape, both these figures and their clothes are arresting in their actuality.

In addition to the dreamlike print campaign, Vanderperre directs a dynamic filmic short, recontextualising the collection in an urban landscape as well as the opalescent lustre of the campaign set. It highlights a constant interplay, between the concrete, rational and tangible and the imagined and fantastical, that reflects contemporary life. 


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