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May 1, 2018

In a new episodic film project, Prada crafts a hybrid world, halfway between the synthetic and the natural - a futuristic fairy-tale devised around the reality of Prada, and its emblematic Nylon fabric. A fusion of heritage, present and future.

Presented as a series of four chapters, the fantasy of a Prada ‘nylon farm’ is the surreal backdrop for an unfolding love story. The farm itself is populated with flocks of cyborg ‘nylon sheep’ - a subtle nod to Philip K. Dick and a long tradition of Science Fiction - whose synthetic fleece is harvested via this alternate reality’s forwardprojected technology to weave into Prada’s signature nylon. This perfect world, of artificial intelligence and automated machinery, is nevertheless combined with an unexpected variable - human nature, and emotion.

The film will be presented through Prada’s social channels, as well as on with a dedicated section - linking directly to e-commerce - to explore the inspirations and aesthetic genealogy behind the models in the Prada Nylon collection.

Inspired by the trademark fabric of Prada, and weaving an entire world from the concepts embedded in its fibres, the ‘Nylon Farm’ showcases one of the fundamentals that established Prada’s modern fashion identity. These films showcase Prada’s nylon as central to the storyline - but more than the physical fashion items themselves, this series represents the Prada brand’s ideological approach encapsulated through Prada nylon. That being, a respect for history while looking forward, a constant search for the new, and a marriage of technological innovation and expertise with the invention and creativity of the human mind and hand. A philosophy that is quintessentially Prada. 


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