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Prada Womenswear Spring/Summer 2018 Advertising Campaign

January 1, 2018

Black Nylon 

The foundation of Prada - its emblematic heritage, its soul. Black nylon, an industrial material elevated to luxury, inspires both the spring/summer 2018 collection and its reflection in the next step of the Prada 365 campaign.

Timeless, practical yet precious, an avant-garde expression of elegance for today, nylon is a founding principle of Prada. Drawn from the universe of workwear, the military and industry, the fabric transgresses traditional signifiers of opulence, expressing a fresh breed of transgressive and subversive sophistication. In the context of luxury, nylon is provocative, modern, open to endless reinterpretation. A new classic, and fundamentally Prada.

A dichotomy, an inherent paradox, Prada’s use of nylon influences the aesthetic of imagery by Willy Vanderperre to explore the physicality and philosophy of this noble fabric through both accessories and clothes. The strength of the fabric is here mirrored by the strength of the women - a fearless and unexpected casting of new and familiar faces. Photographed in Los Angeles, our environments oscillate between idyllic sunsets and concrete modernism. The shifting scenery reflects the different lives assumed by this enduring and eternal Prada hallmark.


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