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December 19, 2017


Milan, 19 December 2017 – Prada presents ‘Prada Silver Line’, an itinerant project offering customers the chance to acquire exclusive products - which are chosen for each leg of the journey - and presented inside an original installation.
For the Christmas Holiday, for one month, this imaginary railway station stops for the first time at the Galaxy shopping mall in Macau, hosting a selection of women’s luxury bags and accessories.

The pop-up is designed as a dream-like container; it represents the image of Prada on the move, drawing inspiration from the brand and its fundamental codes, such as travel and modernity.

The concept is a reconstruction of a portion of an ideal train in which the various target aesthetic themes are combined in a single design. The exterior is a metal shell reminiscent of the American Streamliners of the ‘30s and ‘50s. The interior features walls covered in floralpatterned red silk brocade to create a luxurious, romantic look. The setting is completed by the iconic black-and-white chequered floor which characterises Prada stores around the world since 1913.

Around the train, the illuminated platforms host a series of small installations that complement the main aesthetic experience embodied by the train: Christmas versions of life-size Prada Robots become porters pushing luggage trolleys, and the ticket kiosk turns into a concierge to organise visits to the pop-up store and deliver purchases to customers’ homes.

From January 2018, Prada Silver Line will touch on several cities, including Dubai and later on some of the most important locations in Asia, Europe and the United States.


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