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Marchesi 1824 assigns the CARE’s Social Responsibility Award for a research study on food ethics

May 1, 2017

For the summer edition of CARE’s – The ethical Chef Days, which took place from May 21 to 24 in Salina (Aeolian Islands), Marchesi 1824 awarded PhD student Francesca Iurlaro at the European University Institute of Florence a scholarship for the innovative approach with which she introduced the concept of ethics applied to food in her academic research.

Since the time of the Greek philosophers – including Aristotle, Plato and especially Epicurus – the ethics of food has played an important role in philosophy, embracing a wide range of different sectors. The world of philosophy has always examined the ethical value of food and its unbreakable bond with nature and society as one of the main factors of profound change throughout history.

With the CARE’s Social Responsibility Award, which places the ethics of food at the center of the discussion, Marchesi 1824 wants to support research linked to the great challenges of our time, including the fight against food waste, accessibility to resources, biodiversity and the preservation of sustainable farming and animal husbandry.

From this perspective, Francesca Iurlaro will study the ethics of food and will publish her conclusions in an academic essay which will be presented at the next summer edition of Care’s – The ethical Chef Days.

The CARE’s Social Responsibility Award is part of the activities of CARE’s – The ethical Chef Days that Marchesi 1824 has promoted from the beginning of this project with the support of the ethical farming of Harald Gasser at the Aspinger alpine farmstead (Alta Badia 2016), and of Luigi Brandimarte in Castelluccio di Norcia (Alta Badia 2017). 

CARE’s – The ethical Chef Days
CARE’s – The ethical Chef Days was conceived by chef Norbert Niederkofler*** of the restaurant St. Hubertus in San Cassiano and Paolo Ferretti, owner of the communication agency hmc in Bolzano, with the support of Giancarlo Morelli*, chef of the restaurant Pomiroeu in Seregno (MB)

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