February 2020


For the 2020 Fall/Winter Prada Womenswear show, AMO transforms the grand hall of the Deposito into a set of imaginary piazzas that manifest the abstract energy of the public arena. The scene is simple yet dynamic: a series of portals organized symmetrically around the courts mark a threshold between inside and outside. 

Sinuous graphics trace, deflect, and engage objects and openings within the courtyard, covering the floor and continuing up the wall, creating a cohesive three-dimensional space. Along the walls, boldly geometric flowers appear between the graphics, echoing the façades of Viennese Secessionist buildings. 

At the center of each composition is a statue of Atlas abstracted into a series of sliding and interlocking planes. Beyond the black walls at the edge of each space glows a mysterious red ether, marking both the limit and the limitlessness of the set.

Credit: OMA/AMO