March 2018


Considering fashion as a true language and staring from the research conducted for over 25 years in the field of typography, the Parisian studio M/M has designed an installation made only of black and white signs, symbols and indices. Street posters and simple wooden stools, stacked sporadically throughout the space, have populated the Hypostyle hall of the Palais D'Iéna by Auguste Perret.

The posters are used as a medium on which large-scale letters extracted from M/M’s personal alphabetical archive have been printed. Above the audience hang two infinite loops. On one there is written the title of the visual installation enveloping the audience: “The Miu Miu Type, An ABC of Actions Behaviors and Comportment” and on the other there is displayed the complete collection of letters of this new Miu Miu type drawn in conjunction with Miu Miu 2018 fall winter collection.

“We are bringing back the expressive and spontaneous quality of Miu Miu by introducing a new Miu Miu ‘language’, its own behavioral propaganda”, the duo M/M affirms, “The Miu Miu girl has conviction and belief, her wardrobe is a kind of alphabetical system, which helps her express and define herself within a community. Instead of imposing a message, Miu Miu offers girls the chance to embody a variety of characters by wearing the clothes”.

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