November 2019



No longer a static, distanced image: the Prada 2020 Resort campaign is integrated into everyday life, subverting convention by breaking down those barriers. It debuts idiosyncratically, not only on the pages of magazines but as something to be experienced, to be lived.

Tactile paper images wrap fragrant bouquets at florists in key cities around the globe – London, Milan, Moscow, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo - at points unexpected, unknown,     unanticipated. Everyday places filled with beauty, romance, poetry and stories. A celebration of the preciousness of the everyday, an expression of the style of life, a piece of now. Realness.
The Prada Resort 2020 campaign celebrates the beauty of living, of reality, of today.

As the Prada Resort collection proposes an alternate viewpoint on classicism - the idea of simplicity as a rebellion, of the extraordinary to be found within the ordinary, the new inside the familiar - so a fresh perspective is found here, a different take on the very concept of fashion advertising. An exchange, a discourse, an open conversation, intimacies to be shared.

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