May 2021


Milan, 10th May 2021 - Filmmaker Xavier Dolan directs his personal vision of the universe of fashion, and the identity of the Prada Galleria. Hunter Schafer is our protagonist - a romantic, a young girl imagining her place within her different fantasies. We leap from her bedroom, to imaginings of a fashion shoot, universal reflections of fashion as imagined in the popular consciousness, an escape from her reality. A constant presence, Schafer’s fixation - her fantasy - is the Prada Galleria, a talisman of fashion. The Galleria bag here is reimagined in different contexts, differing locales and visions, jolting between imaginary scenes and scenarios, between multiple micro-narratives, like fragments of thoughts, hopes or wishes. A celebration of the joy of fashion, framed through the art of filmmaking - a dream, within a dream.

Press release
Prada The Galleria

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