July 2019


The second episode of What We Carry, the series of short films produced by National Geographic for the Prada Re-Nylon project, is set in Cameroon (Central Africa). The South Sudanese-Australian model Adut Akech Bior and Joe Cutler - National Geographic explorer and environmentalist - travel to Lake Ossa, which represents 90% of the surrounding wildlife reserve and provides a lifeline for local communities, and speak to local experts. This episode shows how, over the decades, hundreds of used fishing nets have been discarded in the waters of Lake Ossa, resulting in damage to ecosystems. The Prada Re-Nylon project offers a tangible and effective solution to this problem by retrieving the nets – over six tonnes to date – which together with other waste, are then recycled, de-polymerised and transformed into new ECONYL®️ regenerated nylon. This is then used to create Prada’s Re-Nylon collection.


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