May 2018

Industreality: Prada Pre-Fall 2018
Advertising Campaign 


Industreality, the new facet of 365 exploring the Prada Pre-Fall 2018 womenswear collection envisages a hybrid of the functional and the feminine, models posed with classicism against unexpected, utilitarian backdrops, to create an arresting contemporary contrast.

Captured by Willy Vanderperre in the fictitious factory set of the “Prada Warehouse”, the images play with the notion of the “manufactured”- the created and the creative; the imagined and the imaginary; to make and to make-believe. The reality is found in the personas of the trio of models - Kris Grikaite, Fran Summers and Anok Yai - who people these shots and whose distinct personalities shine through the images.

In the background, crates and boxes bear emblems drawn from the Prada universe - hallmarks, markers and talismans, indicating their point of origin. They, like these clothes, express the indelible and immediately-recognisable identity of Prada.

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