November 2020


Milan, 3 November 2020 - A cinematic context, a language of film, a mystery to be solved, a narrator reading words that the images bring to life: the Prada 2020 Holiday campaign is photographed by Steven Meisel and based on an original short story conceived and written by the best-selling author Candice Carty-Williams.

Each image, like film noir stills, proposes a new panorama - like fragments of a story, about to unfold. Cinema suggests shifting focus and points of emphasis: here, details of Prada accessories are pulled into macro-scale. Like plot-points, or clues to an unknown mystery, they dominate the frame, drawing attention - before Meisel’s lens, they become characters in themselves. Heroes and heroines, protagonists and antagonists. A play between the still and the animated, this campaign - and these Prada accessories - explore emotion, intrigue, attraction and, ultimately, desire.

press release
“A STRANGER CALLS”: Prada Holiday 2020 Campaign

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