February 2022


  • First LEED PLATINUM certification for an existing retail project in the high-end luxury sector (LEED v4.1 O+M for Interior)

  • First Prada Group LEED PLATINUM certification (LEED v4.1 O+M for the Miu Miu Shanghai International APM store

  • Prada: brand with the highest number of LEED certifications in the high-end luxury sector

Milan, 10th February 2022 – The Prada Group, in collaboration with FGB studio, announces it has certified the largest number ever of LEED v4.1 Operations and Maintenance stores in a single submission, obtaining 80 LEED (O+M) certifications for existing boutiques worldwide at 31 December 2021, and also it committed to LEED (O+M) certifying around 300 stores by 2024. LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), is the most widely used green building rating system in the world and an international symbol of excellence. Through design, construction, and operations practices that improve environmental and human health, LEED-certified buildings are helping to make the world more sustainable.

This process has been accomplished utilizing Arc, a technological platform helping existing buildings and spaces track, manage and improve performance across five areas: energy, water, waste, transportation and human experience. Each store is equipped with a FGB studio monitor linked to Arc, capable of measuring air quality and collecting real-time data.

The Prada Group’s employees participated in a survey, to better understand each store’s current operational attributes and the impact on employee health and well-being.

"This achievement highlights how the Prada Group considers extremely relevant the implementation of such an ambitious LEED certification plan. Today we take the opportunity to thank all the valuable partners who made it possible”, said Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and he added: “We will continue to be strongly committed to the sustainable development our Retail network, which is at the core of our distribution strategy”.

At 31 December 2021, the Prada Group counts:

  • 3 LEED certified Building Design and Construction (the Scandicci plant, Florence, certified thanks to Bureau Veritas, the Logistic Hub in Levanella, Arezzo thanks to Greenwich and the pre-certification of the Marchesi 1824 Laboratory in Milan thanks to BEE Incorporations);

  • 57 LEED v4. Interior Design and Construction stores (56 stores certified thanks to BEE Incorporations and 1 thanks to Evotre srl);

  • 81 LEED v4.1 Operations and Maintenance (O+M) stores (80 certifications obtained in 2021 thanks to FGB Studio and 1 in 2019 thanks to BEE Incorporations).
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