September 2018


Other Conversations is the second act in the advertising campaign for Miu Miu’s 2018 Fall/Winter collection, a short film and a photo series directed by Steve Mackey and curated by Katie Grand.

The film's opening scenes feature a basement in London, chosen to highlight the spirit of the Miu Miu gang, inspired by Andy Warhol. The ambience is intentionally gloomy and irreverent due to the use of pale colours and monochromatic finish. A tedious phone call can be heard in the background describing the power of haircuts, interspersed with a woman’s icy voice.

A few details providing the backdrop to the message to be conveyed: Miu Miu girls are on fire. They are in control of their choice of wardrobe because they are in control of their lives; they are audacious in what they wear because they live audaciously