March 2020


On 27 February, to mark the Hyper Leaves installation, Prada and leading online fashion and streetwear platform HypeBeast hosted a debate at Epicenter on Broadway in New York on the evolution of the retail experience and the integration of interactive elements into consumers’ purchasing habits. The event featured Courtney Kenefick, senior creative editor at HypeBeast, Samir Bantal, director of Rem Koolhaas’ studio AMO, Brett Littman, director of the Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum and Stash, an American artist.
The Hyper Leaves installation, characterized by a green-painted metal mesh structure as an enormous baobab tree, neon lights and large leaves used as display spaces and tables, features specially created wallpaper inspired by nature in its wildest form with a large-scale natural landscape of ferns and macro leaves.

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