February 2019


The Prada Double Club Miami - Carsten Höller

Prada has been ranked eighth, the second highest-placed fashion brand, in the prestigious Cultural Citizenship Survey, an independent study that examines the commitment of the 100 international companies that do most to support art across the world. The assessment is made by a panel of 77 international experts, all with experience and direct professional involvement in the sector, who award each company a score between one and five. Prada’s score of 3.80 (equal with the seventh-placed company) is only 0.68 points behind the 4.48 received by top-ranked BMW. The research analyses the many different ways firms are involved in the arts, how authentic their commitment is, the return in terms of the brands’ image, and a series of other parameters, showing that successful artistic and cultural collaborations must benefit the artist, the brand and the art world (and therefore society in general). One of the examples highlighted specifically by the panel was Prada Double Club, a project organised with artist Carsten Höller for Art Basel Miami in 2017.

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