April 2024


Milan, April 3rd, 2024 - To showcase the Prada Galleria handbag, Prada continues its partnership with world-renowned actor Scarlett Johansson, in an exploration of the depth of the craft of performing. The campaign is a celebration of technique, an ode to the mechanism of acting as the true motor of cinema.The still and motion images showcase Johansson as an actor, honing her art – repeating phrases with different feeling and meaning, she showcases the infinite self-transformation that define an actor’s skill.

The instrument of Johansson’s everyday is the Prada Galleria, seen here as a tool of life rather than a product, a part of an everyday wardrobe. As with Johansson its persona can transform; as with acting, it is a symbol of excellence in craft. Here, the Prada Galleria is showcased, in motion, as a fundamental facet of a woman’s reality.

Prada Galleria campaign