May 2023


Milan, May 12nd, 2023 - The first meeting of Forestami Academy, the three-year training programme created to promote and encourage urban forestry principles, values and scientific ideas, was held today at the Salone D'Onore of Triennale Milano. The project was presented last March by Prada Group and Forestami, an initiative that aims to plant 3 million trees in the Milan metropolitan area by 2030, equal to a 5% increase in the tree canopy cover.

Maria Chiara Pastore - researcher at the Politecnico University in Milan and Scientific Director of Forestami, Professor Cecil Konijnendijk - University of British Columbia, and Professor Simone Borelli - FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), introduced the theme of the first learning module, titled "What is an Urban Forest?”.

Around 100 citizens took part to the event, divided into thematic working tables to discuss ideas on how to improve green areas in the local community. During the session, the fundamental role of trees in people’s life and cities has been highlighted: they enhance the well-being, while fighting against pollution, protecting the soil, valuing biodiversity and creating moments of socialization.

The second learning module will take place on June 30th.

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