Prada S/S 2025 Menswear show

Since 1913, Prada has been synonymous with cutting-edge style. Its intellectual universe combines concept, structure and image through codes that go beyond trends. Its fashion transcends products, translating conceptuality into a universe that has become a benchmark to those who dare to challenge conventions focusing on experimentation.

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Prada S/S 2025 Menswear show


transcending trends

Through an innovative approach, which draws inspiration from an unconventional analysis of society, Prada elaborates codes that transcend trends. Style statements born from the passionate examination of disciplines that are, at times, apparently far from fashion, such as art, film and photography, resulting into creations that reinterpret reality from unusual perspectives. 


Transcending products

Unfettered from conceptual limitations and from the strict commitment to stylistic cohesion, the aesthetic codes of the brand have influenced generations of creative minds through manifestos of cultural emancipation that embrace the broadest aspects of life. Prada’s fashion transcends products bringing ideas and ideals to life through its clothes and accessories, which become tools of confident self-expression.

Looking for new perspectives

Prada challenges pre-conceived aesthetic patterns. It is an expression of society: whenever society changes, Prada evolves accordingly. What’s simple and classic is distorted and reconsidered in the tireless search of new perspectives. A state-of-the-art laboratory grounded on the values of instinct and cultural inclination.

Reinterpreting shared aesthetic codes

Conceptuality is Prada’s preferred form of expression in an intellectual commitment to good taste. In every collection, shared aesthetic codes are reinterpreted through an unusual perspective, while new products challenge material processes with the use of technology and know-how.

An endless play of past, present and future

What is considered beauty and what’s deemed questionable are deliberately mixed in an endless play of past, present and future in which bourgeois codes are often broken down and reconstructed.