The third edition of the educational module was presented on January 23th, 2024, on the occasion of World Education Day.

34,385 students from 184 schools and 56 countries took part in the new SEA BEYOND training cycle, investigating the connection between the ocean and climate and related environmental challenges. The program included training sessions on ocean literacy for students and teachers through a series of lessons conducted by UNESCO-IOC experts and will close with an international competition in June 2024.

The Participating Schools 

«“The record number of students enrolled in this year’s program shows that we are progressing in the right direction and that SEA BEYOND is able to generate a real change”. And he added: “The new partnership with Bibliothèques Sans Frontières is the first humanitarian project within SEA BEYOND; we want to inspire new generations, making them aware of the importance of the ocean and the need to preserve it and we want to do this by leaving no one behind”.»

LORENZO BERTELLI, Executive Director of Prada Group and Patron of the Ocean Decade Alliance

«Humanity depends on the ocean, but the future of the ocean is in jeopardy due to human activity. If we want to succeed in saving it, we must support scientific research, advance knowledge but also invest in education. This program supported by UNESCO and Prada Group, is a very positive example of how to raise awareness among younger generations and move towards virtuous practices.»



Titouan Bernicot
Founder & CEO of Coral Gardeners and National Geographic Explorer
Titouan Bernicot

Titouan Bernicot is the founder & CEO of Coral Gardeners. He grew up in French Polynesia, lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where his parents owned a pearl farm.  In 2017, while he was only 18 years old, he created Coral Gardeners with a few island friends after witnessing the alarming degradation of his home reef where he grew up surfing and decided to act to protect his playground.
In less than 7 years, Titouan brought the organization to a global team of over 60 members, from gardeners to scientists and engineers, working from all around the world, with field operations across French Polynesia, Fiji, Thailand and soon more locations. Together, with his team, Titouan has planted over 100,000 corals and raised awareness to millions, gathering around them a global movement to revolutionize ocean conservation alongside legendary partners like National Geographic, and ambassadors such as Jason Momoa and Cristina Mittermeier.

Giovanni Chimienti
Marine biologist and National Geographic Explorer
Giovanni Chimienti

Giovanni Chimienti is a marine biologist at the University of Bari (Italy) and National Geographic Explorer. He studies corals all over the world, particularly in deep-sea environments, with a focus on black corals and sea fans. Chimienti holds a Ph.D. in evolutionary and environmental sciences and has been onboard countless research cruises. He uses submersibles and remotely operated vehicles for deep-sea explorations, as well as technical diving techniques. Chimienti has received several prestigious scientific awards for his studies, including from Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, the Mediterranean Science Commission, the Deep-Sea Biology Society, and Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Maya Gabeira
Big Wave Surfer e UNESCO Champion for Ocean and Youth
Maya Gabeira

Maya Gabeira is one of the most influential surfers of all time. She holds 2 world records for biggest wave ever ridden by a woman. Both ridden in Nazaré, home of the biggest waves in the world. Her current world record surfed in 2020 was also the biggest wave of the year by any surfer (male or female) measured at 73,5feet . Maya has 8 titles from the WSL in big wave surfing. She has an ESPY, a Teen Choice Awards and was nominated for a Laureus Awards 2 times. She is an Unesco Champion of the Ocean and Youth and sits on the board of Oceana the biggest NGO in the world solely focused on ocean conservation. In 2022 she published her first picture book called Maya and the Beast. She also launched her own brand Blue Aya, an organic sunscreen line with sustainable seaweed from Northeast of Brazil.

Valentina Gottlieb
Environmental Advocate and Actress
Valentina Gottlieb

Valentina Gottlieb operates in the Event Management sector since more than fifteen years. With her activity, she contributed promoting numerous scientific associations and medical training projects. In parallel, she has always been working in the entertainment business as Creative Director and Actress for TV and Media projects. Valentina dedicates her visibility to a responsible communication, considering crucial sharing sustainable values and love for nature. Valentina participated to the SEA BEYOND educational program as protagonist, by driving the public across the main locations and the main topics of the project, diving into the Sardinian seabed to document the Posidonia reforestation process.

Carmelo Isgrò
Biologist, Founder and Director of the MuMa Milazzo Sea Museum
Carmelo Isgrò

Biologist, Founder and Director of the MuMa Milazzo Sea Museum. He recovered and rebuilt the skeleton of the Sperm Whale Siso. SEA BEYONDer PRADA and ioc UNESCO (Sea Beyond is the educational programme promoted by the Prada Group and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO to raise awareness on sustainability and ocean preservation). Member of the Technical Scientific Committee of the Fauna Museum of the University of Messina. Collaborates with various universities, research organisations and associations. Awarded the title of ‘Cavaliere del Mare’ (Knight of the Sea) by the National President of Marevivo Rosalba Giugni, an honour that in the past has also been awarded to Piero Angela. For years he has engaged in the protection of the sea and in the recovery of cetaceans and turtles in difficulty or stranded. In 2017 he carried out, on his own, the recovery of the skeleton of a 10-ton Sperm Whale, then renamed SISO, which died due to an illegal drift net off the Aeolian Islands and was on the news due to the large amount of plastic found in its stomach. After having reconstructed the skeleton, he founded MuMa-Museo del Mare in Milazzo, located in the ancient Castle of Milazzo, inside a church from 1529 which was later transformed into a military bastion. In 2019, a conference with the Minister of the Environment, Sergio Costa, was held in the Museum. He has collaborated with the Coast Guard in numerous operations to free wild animals in distress, from sea turtles to large cetaceans such as the case of the ‘Fury Sperm Whale’ or the ‘Codamozza’ whale. He is involved in science dissemination and environmental education, from kindergartens to universities. He collaborates with numerous TV programmes, including Striscia la Notizia (Canale5), Le Iene (Italia1), Geo (Rai3), Kilimangiaro (Rai3), Lineablu (Rai1) and Lineaverde (Rai1), and edits the ‘Pillole di blu’ column for the Canale 5 programme L'arca di Noè (Noah's Ark), broadcast every Sunday at 1.30 pm. 

Elisabetta Zavoli
Photojournalist and National Geographic Explorer
Elisabetta Zavoli

With a degree in environmental science, since 2009 Zavoli has been a photojournalist and documentary photographer. Her love of the natural world led her to environmental journalism, covering issues related to the effects of climate change on coastal communities and the role that markets in the Global North play in  deforestation in emerging economies, mercury pollution and waste mismanagement. From 2012 to 2018, Zavoli lived in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she worked extensively on issues related to the oceans and coastal marine environments. Zavoli believes in the 'solution journalism' approach, discussing possible solutions to environmental issues, and employing the power of local stories to inspire a global audience. Her empathy, respect and openness in understanding the points of view of others have helped her to connect with and report on communities beyond her own. In her work, Zavoli focuses on translating her deep understanding of the complexity of ecosystems into a rich and layered visual narrative. In over 10 years of professional experience as a photographer and visual storyteller, Zavoli has produced and realised significant and widely published international projects that have contributed to raising awareness and understanding of complex topics and has had a positive impact on the local communities she covers. She has received numerous awards recognizing her journalistic endeavors, including from European Journalism Center (EJC) in 2016, Earth Journalism Network (EJN) in 2021 and National Geographic Society - Emergency Journalist Fund in 2021. In 2022 she became a National Geographic Explorer. She has won numerous international photography prizes, including the 68th Maggie Awards and the 78th POYi. In Italy, she is a regular contributor to Getty Images Editorial and The New York Times. 

23 May 2024
23 January 2024

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