The Prada Group, as part of the SEA BEYOND project, supported the dissemination of the documentary 'Il Bianco nel Blu' (Deep White Forests) which tells the story of the scientific research project on black coral in the waters of the Egadi Islands by Giovanni Chimienti, marine biologist and National Geographic Explorer.

The documentary directed by Igor D'India - a filmmaker specialised in environmental protection - recounts the stages of the research by the marine biologist Giovanni Chimienti and his team of divers, technicians and scientists, through three expeditions that led to the discovery of vast stretches of black coral, between 60 and 500 metres deep off the coast of Marettimo. This very rare species of coral indicates an almost untouched ecosystem and allows for a better study and understanding of marine biodiversity.


On November 17th 2023, the documentary 'Il Bianco nel Blu'  (Deep White Forests) was screened at the National Geographic Fest 2023, at CityLife Anteo in Milan, preceded by panels with experts such as the environmental activist Sofia Pasotto, who spoke with Chimienti.

JULY 2023

On 18th July 2023, in the central square of the island of Marettimo, the prèmiere of the documentary 'Il Bianco nel Blu' (Deep White Forests) took place with the aim of spreading the principles of ocean literacy and inspiring new generations to protect the sea. 

The screening was preceded by a talk, moderated by Marco Cattaneo, Director of National Geographic Italy, in the presence of Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Francesca Santoro, IOC/UNESCO Senior Programme Officer and Giovanni Chimienti, marine biologist. 

During the last period of Giovanni's stay on the island, the SEA BEYOND team, represented by Valentina Lovat - ocean literacy expert for the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission -, involved a group of young people in an ocean literacy experience, to help them understand the rarity of the local ecosystem and the need to preserve it.

«“通过与联合国教科文组织合作开展的SEA BEYOND项目,Prada集团持续致力于通过推广海洋知识以及支持科研和知识传播,产生具体影响和创造共享知识。我们要真诚地感谢马雷蒂莫岛的居民,感谢他们的热情接待,并为SEA BEYOND项目新阶段的启动提供场地。”»

Prada集团企业社会责任负责人Lorenzo Bertelli

Prada Group at the National Geographic Fest with Sea Beyond
SEA BEYOND推出“Il Bianco nel Blu(黑白森林)”纪录片

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