Climate Action

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to activities carried out along the Group’s value chain, reducing not only the impact relating to the Group’s operations, but also that generated by actors operating upstream and downstream of the value chain.

Circular Thinking

Integrate the principles of the circular economy in the performance of the Group’s activities, for example in the setting up of pop-up shops, in the organization of fashion shows and in product development.

Procurement of low environmental impact raw materials

Promote the procurement of raw materials with low environmental impact, considering not only the impact on climate change, but also other sustainability issues such as biodiversity and animal welfare.

Responsible Waste Management

Responsibly manage the waste produced during production processes with the aim of reducing the production of total waste and increasing the amount of waste destined for recycling.

Sustainable Water Management

Responsibly use water resources during production processes by promoting practices aimed at reducing water consumption (e.g.: recycling/reuse of water) and aimed at minimizing the impact of water discharges (e.g.: wastewater treatment plants or reduction of hazardous chemicals substances used in production).


Champion diversity and equal opportunities

Promote and guarantee gender equality and equal opportunities among the entire company population, not admitting discriminatory behaviors and guaranteeing an inclusive organization, also considering the multitude of nationalities and ethnicities of the Group’s employees.

Know-how preservation and skills development

Invest in the training and professional growth of employees in order to enhance their skills and talents and to disseminate corporate know-how.

Occupational Health and Safety

Guarantee a safe and healthy workplace for all workers by minimizing accidents and occupational diseases through prevention and protection activities.

Respect of human and workers’ rights

Ensure respect for fundamental human rights and in particular the rights of workers operating within the Group’s operations.


Improve the environmental and social standard along the supply chain

Guarantee responsible management of the supply chain with the aim of improving the environmental and social standards of suppliers, aligning them with internal standards through engagement, training and ad hoc assessments.


Protection and enhancement of the artistic, cultural and natural heritage

Contribute to the conservation of the Italian and international cultural, artistic and environmental heritage, encouraging and supporting avant-garde culture and arts.


Integrity, transparency and cooperation

Ensure transparent Corporate Governance, aimed at guaranteeing the interests of all the Group’s internal and external stakeholders by guaranteeing an ethical business conduct in compliance with laws and a transparent approach to taxation.

Product creativity and excellence

Offer products of the highest quality, expressions of creativity capable of shaping the collective imagination.

Business strategy and economic performance

Guarantee the economic sustainability of the Group’s business model, promoting economic growth, in order to increase the indirect economic impacts on the Group’s internal and external stakeholders.

Customer experience

Increase customer satisfaction by guaranteeing safe products and improving the customer experience, e.g. by digitalizing sales channels.