Chairman’s Message

In 2023, the Prada Group evolved and made significant advances across multiple fronts, including governance, processes and infrastructure. This progress was supported by a substantial investment in human capital.

We end the year with very positive progress and results and in a stronger position that allows us to look at the future with confidence, notwithstanding the uncertain geopolitical and macroeconomic environment.

In order to move forward on our growth journey, it is essential that our strategy remains focused on our people.

We need to consider how we can attract and retain talent to share and enhance our expertise and know-how, as well as promote the concept of sustainable work within our Group and industry. This includes prioritising the quality of the work environment, equality, professional development, and welfare contributions. Although the effort required is significant, it is our duty to continue advancing along this path.

Finally, a brief consideration on the luxury sector, which is becoming increasingly layered. Our customer base is growing, expanding into new markets and embracing new generations: in this ever-changing landscape, it is essential to be able to understand and adapt to society’s evolving values and lifestyles. This care, attention and alertness to every aspect of life is what forms the foundation of our luxury ethos.

Innovation, dynamism and flexibility will be crucial to our success in 2024 and I have confidence in our strengthened organisation’s ability to further evolve the Group.

Patrizio Bertelli
Chairman of the Board and Executive Director