Prada Group


Business Model


Fundamental to the continued success of our brands and their consistently high level of quality and innovation is our ability to operate an integrated value chain. With our design competence and industrial capability, our strategically integrated business cycle allows us to translate our innovative fashion concepts into viable commercial production while retaining control over our technical know-how, quality standards and production cost as well as maintaining a flexible capacity. We have approximately 1,950 employees in our in-house production divisions and approximately 950 people in the product development department, allowing us to produce the vast majority of our prototypes and samples and a portion of our finished products in our factories. The remaining production is outsourced to external manufacturers under our strict quality monitoring. The close coordination among design, product development and manufacturing teams enables us to maintain strict control over (1) the technical know-how and all detailed specifications for our production, (2) the quality standard over the entire production process, (3) our internal production and outsourcing cost, (4) our production schedule and (5) the adherence of our products to original designs.



Design and Creation

The first stage of our business cycle is the design and creation of a new collection, during which each brand’s design team develops a new collection that elaborates the brand’s identity with the latest style in collaboration with other relevant departments. During this phase we develop and produce the vast majority of our prototypes and the majority of our samples at our in-house facilities, through which we establish the detailed specifications for each product that allow us to maintain control over the quality of our outsourced production as well as costs.

Collection of Orders

The new collection is presented in each brand’s respective showrooms where merchandisers from our retail channel and wholesale clients place orders for our products and, for Prada and Miu Miu, at fashion shows.

Sourcing and Production

We attribute significant importance to our procurements process as we believe it is crucial to achieving excellence in product quality efficiency and delivery on time.
We strictly select our suppliers and procure materials mainly from those with whom we have a well-established relationship.
Our products are made in our ten in-house production facilities in Italy and one in the United Kingdom, and also through a network of approximately 480 external manufacturers. We have three distinct in-house production divisions for leather goods, footwear and ready-to-wear products, which enable us to develop the vast majority of our prototypes and the majority of our collection samples that are presented in the showrooms during the order collection period, as well as to produce a portion of our final products.
We rigorously monitor the entire production cycle, whether inside or outside of our Group, in order to ensure that our products achieve our high quality standards. We employ dedicated internal and external specialists for quality control of the raw materials received from our suppliers and our finished products.
Our inspectors are responsible for ensuring that our external manufacturers’ finished products meet our stringent quality standards. Inspectors are designated to check the external manufacturers’ production procedures and their conformity to our designs and specifications on a regular basis.

Sales and Distribution

Our products are distributed through a sales network of DOS which are located in prime locations, as well as a wholesale channel comprising prestigious luxury multi-brand stores, department stores and franchise stores.

Communications and Public Relations

Effective communication and public relations strategies are imperative to our brand development strategy to reinforce the unique image of each brand throughout the business cycle. We employ a wide array of innovative and brand-specific communication tools, including well-executed fashion shows, creative advertising campaigns, events and sponsorships that enhance each brand’s appealing and stylistic image.